Camp Pillsbury Summer Camp 2020 – Opening July 12th!

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Summer Camp 2020 - Girl with Heart HairCamp Pillsbury is excited to announce their Summer Camp 2020 upcoming schedule.  Due to restrictions from the Covid 19, Camp Pillsbury cancelled session 1 and 2 but are happy to announce they are opening the Minnesota Summer Camp on July 12th for sessions 3, 4 and 5 while practicing all the recommendations issued by the CDC.  There has never been a need for a break more than this summer.

Camp Pillsbury Summer Camp 2020 Offers Much Needed Fun

Girl on RingAfter weeks of lock downs and quarantines, there has never been a time when kids need to get out of the house and enjoy all of the fun and exciting summer camp programs offered by Camp Pillsbury.   Everyone is tired of being cooped up at home and can look forward to having a great summer camp experience with our wide array of majors and minors to choose from.   All while making new friendships or catching up with friends from other summers.  This year, kids and parents need to have a summer fun respite after going through such trying times recently.

Camp Pillsbury Offers a Perfect Location for Summer Camp

Camp Pillsbury is located in Owatonna, centrally located in Minnesota with its unmatched natural beauty and small town appeal.  Camp Pillsbury’s large campus has lots of room for kids to have fun while still following the recommendations issued by the CDC.  With lots of room and fresh air, it is the perfect place for kids to learn new things, make new friends and have a great time this summer. 

Modern and Comfortable Facilities Offer the Perfect Experience

Summer Camp 2020 - Safari RoomWhile many camps have sizable groups of campers in large cabins, Camp Pillsbury’s modern and comfortable summer camp facilities offer more private lodgings.   With a large gymnasium and many expansive activity areas, there is plenty of room for campers to have fun no matter what kind of weather there is while many other camps are at the mercy of nature.

Camp Pillsbury Cancels All Offsite Activities

Due to Covid 19 and the safety of our campers, Camp Pillsbury has cancelled all adventure days and trips for summer camp 2020 only.  We will be replacing them with amazing and fun onsite activities.  This is being done to make sure all campers stay safe at Camp Pillsbury and that we comply with the recommendation make by the CDC.  Don’t worry though, Camp Pillsbury has plenty of entertaining and exciting weekend activities to make sure that campers have a wonderful summer filled with great memories.

Register Today for Summer Camp 2020

Boy Playing GuitarThe kids are ready for a break and so are parents so be sure to register soon for your kids for the summer of a lifetime.  Let the kids have a fun time while parents can take a break after a rough few months.  There has never been a summer where the family has needed time to get to relax and enjoy some time having fun.  Register today with the link below to give your family the time they need to put the rough spring behind them.


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