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Camp Pillsbury Management Team

Vonda White – Founder, Executive Director

Vonda had a dream to create the ultimate summer camp – combining the community, role models, examples of leadership and the most engaging summer camp activities.

Vonda’s goal is to ensure that every Pillsbury camper learns something new, expands upon their talents, feels good about themselves, unlocks unknown potential and has the best summer camp experience imaginable.

Vonda’s goal is constant – the best staff, expert activity instructors, combination of a traditional and non-traditional summer camp with an emphasis on Performing Arts, Sports, Circus Arts, and much more. Vonda’s dream of creating an outstanding summer camp has become reality.

IVonda White - Owner of Summer Camp in Minnesotat is important to Vonda to ensure that every camper has the opportunity to grow and become the best person that they can be. That is why she took great measures to ensure that Camp Pillsbury offers a wide array of activities for campers to choose from. Her dedication to youth development and her desire to help kids find and excel in their own personal talents is the reason Camp Pillsbury has become a positive place where kids can come to better themselves, and expand upon their true potential in a safe and wholesome environment. Camp Pillsbury is a place where kids will create life-long friendships, excel in areas of their personal interest, and feel good about themselves.Vonda White believes we can change the world for the better one camper at a time. She loves how the camp experience changes the lives of kids in so many positive ways. As owner and President of Camp Pillsbury and Pillsbury College Prep, Vonda is dedicated to delivering the best camp experience to each and every child that attends Camp Pillsbury.

She has also created camp year round and blended camp with academics in a boarding school environment. Pillsbury College Prep encourages students to succeed in their personal interests and academically. Visit for more information.

Vonda White with Camper

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