Summer Camp in Minnesota

Summer Camp in MinnesotaSummer Camp in Minnesota is a great choice. Summer has a unique vibrancy in the northern states and this unique energy makes our campus in Owatonna, Minnesota the natural choice for kids ready to have some fun. Minnesota’s natural beauty is unmatched and combined with the activities and curriculum that your child is passionate about; you have a recipe for the best summer camp ever!

If you agree that summer camp in Minnesota might be just what you are looking for then you will be thrilled to learn about Camp Pillsbury in Owatonna, Minnesota. Located off of US35, Owatonna and Camp Pillsbury are just an hour south of the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Not only is Camp Pillsbury centrally located for Minnesota residents, it is also a great choice for summer campers from the Great Lakes and Midwest areas like Chicago, Des Moines, Milwaukee, Omaha, Indianapolis, Columbus and for international campers from around the world.

Summer Camp in Minnesota

Nobody appreciates summer fun like the kids in Minnesota. A long winter makes a great summer camp that much more exciting. Now imagine choosing from a list of great summer camp programs you could only dream of from your average camp:

Music Summer Camp Program – Hone your vocal skills or learn to play an  instrument taught by Camp Pillsbury’s wonderful instructors!

Dance Summer Camp Program – Get fit with Zumba or enhance your ballet, hip-hop, tap, jazz and contemporary dance skills.

Equestrian Summer Camp Program – Learn to ride a horse like a champion and learn how to properly care for a horse and its home.

Tech – Multimedia – Digital Summer Camp – Get savvy with computers! From creating a stop motion film to creating graphics with graphic design, you will never be bored!

Theater Summer Camp Program – Hop on stage and be the star of a Broadway style production or be behind the scenes making sure everything goes smoothly!

Extreme Sports Summer Camp Program – Participate in extreme sports like skateboarding and rock climbing. See you on the half-pipe!

Circus Summer Camp Program – You can become the master of the trapeze with this program.

Pop and Rock Band Summer Camp Program – Become a rock star! Perform your own rock concert with heavy guitar and loud drums!

Role Playing Games Summer Camp Program – Imagination is key to taking a journey to a magical world here. Gather your team and head to the realm for some live action role-playing. Hold your own convention even make your own costume!

Water Sports Summer Camp Program – Get a little wet while learning to water ski or take it easy and check out the free swim.

Sports Summer Camp Program – Be a team player with sports like Basketball and Soccer!

Gymnastic Summer Camp Program – Work on your skill development on vault, uneven bars, balance beam, floor and trampoline. Campers will work on fundamental skills and body shapes important to tumbling and gymnastics.

Visual and Fine Arts Summer Camp Program – Let your artistic side shine while making cool projects.

Magic Summer Camp Program – Impress your friends and family by learning the secret of magic tricks and how to perform them.

Culinary Arts Summer Camp Program – Learn to make tempting dishes from around the world while about learning safety and nutrition.

Fashion Design Summer Camp Program – Are you a Fashionista who loves to create looks and outfits?  Then this is the program for you.

Counselor in Training Leadership Program – Transition from camper to counselor while learning what it takes to be a strong and effective leader.

Summer Camp in MinnesotaAs you can see, summer camp in Minnesota just got even more exciting with Camp Pillsbury! And, with specific options for both local camper and out of town sleep-away campers, we have the perfect summer camp options for you.

Camp Pillsbury Offers Exciting Adventure Days

While there is always plenty to do at Camp Pillsbury, campers can  also enjoy adventure days to the nearby Twin Cities.  They also get to participate in annual local events.  Campers leave at 9:00AM with a chaperon to go somewhere adventurous, like Mall of America or Valley Fair Amusement park to return around 8:00 PM.  Cost for transportation, admission and meals for the day are covered by Camp Pillsbury

We have always thought Camp Pillsbury is  the coolest summer camp in the world but are proud to be named by The Philadelphia Inquirer and the coolest summer camp in Minnesota! So if you are ready to learn more about Camp Pillsbury, just follow the two links below for rates and registration.

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