Tuition & Fees

Boarding Students

Academic Tuition including Room and Board for campus after-class activities:

Academic and
Annual Costs
Per Semester Costs
Domestic $26,000 $13,000
International $29,500* $14,750*
Day Only Students (8-5; M-F)
(Academic & PCPC Campus Activities)
$16,000 $8,000

Additional Fees $100 (one-time fee)

*There will be an annual $2,500 registration fee for International boarding students. ESL programs will be offered.

Financial Assistance is available if needed.

Uniform costs average about $200

Uniforms can be purchase from our vendor before school begins. If extra uniforms are needed during the school year, the school will purchase the required piece and bill the parents.

The Administration has endeavored to include all costs in the figures above figures. Inevitably, there arise certain unforeseen costs. These will be billed to the parents when they occur.

Prices do not include Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break Trips or Travel Program Trips such as Europe, Florida, Cayman Islands or major U.S trips.