American Summer Camp for International Campers

Picture of our American Summer CampCamp Pillsbury is an American Summer Camp with plenty of exciting programs and activities to immerse international students into the American cultural experience.  Campers can make friends from around the world while experiencing summer adventures with other campers in the beauty of Minnesota.   Camp Pillsbury can help international campers prepare for living in the U.S or just improve their English skills for future success.  Our American summer camp boasts adventures that will lead campers to find new interests, develop existing talents, and improve their confidence in an English environment while making lifelong friendships with other American and other international students.

Summer Camp Can Improve English Skills

All Camp Pillsbury counselors and instructors possess superb cross-communication skills and have experience in helping international students overcome any communication problems.  ESL Programs are offered and all campers are welcome no matter what their level of English is.  Campers will improve their conversation skills while helping them with reading, writing, and understanding English in a relaxed and fun-filled atmosphere.   Camp Pillsbury will help international students who are preparing to start college or boarding school in the U.S. feel more confident as they move forward with their goals.

Many international campers decide they love our American summer camp so much that they stay in the year round boarding school and can either enroll at a local high school, attend the private Pillsbury College Prep, or take courses at the local Riverland Community College and apply for acceptance in MSU Mankato.  Regular field trips offer campers a taste of life in the United States.  This experience can help them decide on or prepare for boarding school or college life in America.  No matter what your educational goals are, there are many possibilities and choices offered to international students by Camp Pillsbury or Pillsbury College Prep and Camp.

Camp Pillsbury Offers Exciting and Diverse Summer Camp Programs

The wide variety of programs offered for campers to choose from provides something for everyone.  Many programs offer group or private lessons and all campers are placed in groups with others of the same skill level.  There are programs to learn new skills or develop existing passions for everyone at Camp Pillsbury.  Instructors encourage and support campers in the following activities:

Music Summer Camp Program – Private or group lessons are offered in a variety of instruments including piano, drums, guitar, and most band or orchestra instruments.  All skill levels are welcome and campers are placed in groups according to their abilities.

Equestrian Summer Camp Program – Campers learn everything from horse care to stable maintenance while riding instructors teach English and Western styles of riding.  Instruction is based on the riders experience and includes lead line work, trail riding, jumping and dressage.

Extreme Sports Summer Camp Program – Thrill seekers have a variety of action packed programs to choose from including Biking, Skate-boarding, Rollerblading, and Scootering.  All program activities are supervised by an experienced instructor in a safe environment.

Visual and Fine Arts Summer Camp Program – Campers interested in creating art or crafts have several inspirational classes to choose from.  These programs include Candle Making, Cartooning, Ceramics, Environmental Sculpture, Fashion Design, Jewelry, Model Making, Mosaics, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Stained Glass, Tie Dye, Woodworking, Silk Screen and more.

Magic Summer Camp Program – Campers can learn an array of different skills from seasoned magicians including card tricks, coin tricks, and other slight-of-hand tricks or move on to more advanced illusions such as levitation, metamorphosis, escape or how to disappear.  Several times during the summer, campers have the opportunity to entertain their parents, other campers, staff, and the local community with their new skills.

Tech – Multimedia – Digital Summer Camp Program – Camp Pillsbury offers programs for campers interested in Editing, Producing, Movie Making, Video Postcards, Stop Motion Movies, Animation, Claymation, Digital Photography, Computer Programming, Web Design, Game Design, Graphic Design, or Creative Writing.

Circus Arts Summer Camp Program – For campers interested in learning circus skills, Camp Pillsbury offers a variety of acts taught in a controlled and safe setting.   Some of the exciting Circus Arts programs offered are the Flying Trapeze, Spanish Web, Silks, Lyra, Unicycle, Juggling, and more.

Water Sports Summer Camp Program – Our campers have a great time on the water getting instruction in Water-skiing, Wakeboarding, Banana Boating, and Tubing.

Dance Summer Camp Program – Dance classes in a variety of styles and skill levels are available from our experienced instructors.  Campers can work on their Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Modern, and Tap dancing skills with several opportunities to perform during the summer.

Theater Summer Camp Program – Camp Pillsbury offers an extensive performing arts program.  Campers can star in a musical revue, a Broadway style production, or perform in a concert.  Musicals, dramas, comedies, variety shows, and musical reviews are produced for parents, campers and the local community each session.  Experienced instructors offer workshops in Improvisation, Mime, Theatre Games, Acting Lessons, Camera Acting, Combat, Lighting, Sound, Props, Costuming, Make-up, Audition Techniques, Stage Craft, Characterization and more.

Rock Band Summer Camp Program – For campers who have always dreamed of being a Rock Star, Camp Pillsbury gives them a chance to shine.  Lessons in all Rock Band Instruments are offered and bands are formed by musical interests and skill levels.

Sports Summer Camp Program – Sports enthusiasts will love the wide variety sports programs offered by Camp Pillsbury including Tennis, Basketball, Gymnastics, Cheer Leading, Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, Archery, and Golf. Instruction in individual sports and team sports are both offered.  All Camp Pillsbury coaches have a great respect for the sports and promote good sportsmanship and values to the campers.

Role Playing Games Summer Camp Program – Build your character and interact with other campers within the games imaginary world.  Camp Pillsbury offers its campers a chance to create, assemble, and embark on their own role playing journey.

Camp Pillsbury is Surrounded by the Beauty of Minnesota

Camp Pillsbury is a Summer Camp in Minnesota nestled in the historic and picturesque town of Owatonna.  Owatonna is a town built on a strong tradition of American history.  The residents of the town embrace and attend many of the different performances, productions, and events at Camp Pillsbury.   The areas surrounding Owatonna boast striking scenery and majestic wildlife but are only an hour away from the bustling metropolitan area of Minnesota’s Twin Cities.  Campers can enjoy the quaint small town appeal of Owatonna while taking field trips to experience the rich history of Saint Paul and the modern attractions of Minneapolis.

Ariel view of our American Summer Camp

A Summer Camp for International Campers and Local Children

There are many reasons for international campers to decide to attend Camp Pillsbury.  Campers will be able to strengthen their English language skills with ESL, if needed, and be exposed to American culture in a supportive learning environment.  The field trips to the surrounding areas give the campers a well-rounded experience with a wide choice of activities to choose from while making friends with other campers from around the world while interacting with Americans and other international students.    The diverse choices available  at our American summer camp with  programs and activities make sure to keep campers busy while learning skills and lessons they enjoy.   These experiences lead to many of our international campers returning year after year and feel that Camp Pillsbury is their home away from home.

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