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Culinary Arts Summer Camp

Camp Pillsbury Culinary Arts Summer Camp Program

If you dream of making mouth-watering dishes or just having some fun in the kitchen, then Camp Pillsbury Culinary Arts Summer Camp Program is perfect for you.  Beginning to advanced cooks will enjoy themselves in this activity.  Develop the basic skills necessary to plan and cook for others.  Let your taste buds and our culinary professionals guide you as your learn how to prepare delicious dishes from around the globe.  So follow your passion while learning new recipes and techniques that will have you cooking in no time. At our premier summer camp in Minnesota, not only do you get to help create tempting dishes but also get to take part in the best part … tasting them!

Our Culinary Arts Summer Camp Program Teaches Lifelong Skills

This fun and educational program will challenge campers to look at what it takes to cook great food for others.  You can learn the skills necessary to master the kitchen and become the perfect dinner party host.  These life-long skills will teach campers how to plan and safely cook specialty dishes for others.  Every camper will learn how to create delicious meals which is a skill to be enjoyed by the campers and their loved ones, for the rest of their lives

Campers Experience the Culinary Arts Summer Camp Process in a Fun and Safe Environment

Our goal is to offer a fun, safe, and team-oriented environment where campers can learn to creatively express themselves while making culinary dishes.  Campers work with fresh ingredients and culinary recipes to make a diverse array of international and domestic dishes.  Pillsbury culinary professional instructors teach about healthy eating habits while reviewing food and kitchen safety.  This culinary arts summer camp program offers campers the experience of working as a team to safely create delicious meals while having fun and learning how to do it safely.

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