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Dance Summer Camp

Dance Summer Camp Program

All styles of dance are offered at Camp Pillsbury. Our dance summer camp program allows the most advanced dancers to really dig into their craft and also invites those beginning dancers who want to take class just for fun. We are proud to say that our highly trained staff are experienced and skilled in teaching all styles of dance and have had years of experience under their belt. Dancers can perfect their technique, skill set, and performance through our plethora of dance classes.  At our premier summer camp in Minnesota, all students prepare for a final showcase performed on the last day of the session. If you love dance or want to try it for the first time, Camp Pillsbury is the place to be for a summer of dance, fun, and growth.

A Wide Variety of Styles Are Taught at Camp Pillsbury’s Dance Summer Camp Program

Ballet: Ballet class will include: warm up, barre, adagio, center, petite allegro, and grande allegro. Campers will learn core strength, posture, and line placement.

Hip Hop: Campers will have a blast in hip hop touching on locking, breaking, house, and freestyle. If you have never tried dance before, hip hop is a great class to take to just explore movement and have fun.

Jazz: In jazz, students will learn basic to advanced jazz technique. Warm up, across the floor, and combinations will be taught as well as choreography. Commercial, contemporary, Giordano, Broadway and Fosse jazz will be available for campers to dive into. Execution of turns, leaps, and battements will be heavily worked on alongside a full dance.

Modern: In modern, students will learn the basics of staying grounded and working through the floor.  A focus on contemporary modern will be prominent. This activity will consist of warm up, across the floor, combination, and choreography.

Tap: Rhythm and Broadway style tap are the sole focus in this activity. Campers will do a brief warm up, go across the floor, and learn combinations as well as choreography. Different rhythms and weight changing will help all dancers succeed in all styles. Within learning tap technique, tap history will be focused on.

Yoga: Yoga is a form of nonaerobic exercise that involves a program of precise posture, breathing exercises, and meditation. Different styles of yoga will be focused on. This class is a great class to start your day off right.

Zumba: An aerobic exercise that gets the blood pumping and the hips moving. Based to Latin and hip hop music, zumba is a dance aerobics based class that helps you stay in shape while having fun.

Stretch: Stretch is offered for those dancers who want to work on their flexibility or non-dancers who just want to be more flexible. Stretching deep into your muscles is focused on in this class and can be taken by anyone. Along with stretching, slight conditioning will also be included.

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