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Extreme Sports Summer Camp

Extreme Sports Summer Camp Program

For thrill seekers and high-energy campers, Camp Pillsbury has an action-packed extreme sports summer camp program. Extreme Sports, which are also called Action Sports, often combine a bit of speed, and/or height that gives campers a thrill and lends to their extreme factor. If you are looking for an extreme summer filled with unforgettable memories and making friends with others who enjoy adrenaline-inducing fun, then our extreme sports summer camp program is for you!

Extreme Fun with the Highest Standards of Safety

Our extreme sports summer camp program offers thrills but safety is always Camp Pillsbury’s biggest concern. At our premier summer camp in Minnesota, campers are always supervised by highly trained staff and we have explicit guidelines for our safety equipment and strict procedures are in place to make sure that campers are safe. All campers of this program receive instruction and are taught appropriate skills for their level of progression from our highly qualified staff. Although, we want campers to have an adrenaline-induced fun-filled summer, we always put safety first.

Extreme Sports Summer Camp Picture Show

Campers Will Learn New Things and Make Friendships that Last a Lifetime

Extreme Sports Summer Camp - BikingThere is something about sharing an adrenaline fueled adventure that leads to strong friendships being formed. Campers that take part in our extreme sports summer camp program make friends that share their love of adventure and bond while having those experiences together. Campers of this program also take part in challenge activities while our professional and fun-loving staff always stresses team building and leadership skills.

Camp Pillsbury Offers a Wide Variety of Adrenaline-Inducing Activities

Campers can enjoy many skateboarding, in-line skating, rollerblading, and scootering activities and will have access at the skate park to ramps, half pipes, quarter pipes, grind rails, and pyramids. Camp Pillsbury has access to miles of trails for  biking through nearby parks for bikers with all levels of experience, from basic to advanced skill sets. For campers who just want to enjoy a quiet ride down the trails and take in the beautiful scenery, we offer that also.  Campers who wish to participate in Extreme Sports should bring skateboards, scooters, inline skates or rollerblades to camp.

The Thrills Never End at Camp Pillsbury

Extreme Sports Summer Camp - Skateboarding 4Although, not part of the extreme sports summer camp program, Camp Pillsbury’s circus arts summer camp and water sports summer camp programs also offers plenty of thrills. What is more exciting or adrenaline-inducing than flying through the air on a trapeze or learning to water ski/wakeboard? There is always something exciting for thrill seekers going on at Camp Pillsbury, so register today for your SUMMER OF A LIFETIME!

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