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Fashion Design Summer Camp Program

 Fashion Design Summer Camp Program

Are you a Fashionista who enjoys learning about and creating fashion?  If you love accessorizing to make your own look, then you will love this fashion design summer camp program that makes fashion fun while taking it to the next level.  Camp Pillsbury’s experienced and talented fashion design summer camp program instructors will help you build the skills necessary to create great looking fashion that is all your own. At our premier summer camp in Minnesota, campers will learn how to find inspiration to create their own spin on style. Young Fashionistas will find their own personalized style as they work through design challenges that will teach them the building blocks of creating great looks for themselves and others.

 Fashion Design Summer Camp Program Offers All You Need to Take Style from Conception to Creation

Kick-start your love of fashion as you learn how to design your own clothing.

If you are interested in learning how to design and create clothing and accessories, then Camp Pillsbury is the perfect place to explore and learn about the exciting world of fashion design.  Everyone who participates in the Fashion Design summer camp program will have a summer experience filled with plenty of fashion and fun.  Sign up today if you are ready to let your creativity inspire your vision on the runway and everywhere else it can take you.

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