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Magic Summer Camp

Camp Pillsbury’s Magic Summer Camp Program

Camp Pillsbury takes a fun and educational approach to their magic summer camp program.  Our experienced staff begin by teaching simple card tricks, coin tricks and progress to more advanced stage illusions.  At our distinguished summer camp in Minnesota, campers learn to perform tricks each day and review tricks from previous days to hone their skills, all to prepare for the multiple opportunities for them to showcase their new skills to audiences made up of fellow campers, parents, staff and the local  Owatonna community.

Some of the things campers will learn while participating in our magic program are:

  • Card Tricks
  • Coin Tricks
  • Street Magic
  • Close-Up Magic
  • Stage Illusions
  • Levitation

Once campers master basic magic tricks, they can’t wait to learn their next trick.  Learning magic can increase concentration and creativity in kids.  When learning tricks that involve more than one person this is especially true since both teamwork and coordination are required.  Leadership and confidence are also important skills that the kids who participate in the Pillsbury magic  program will gain.

Our Magic Program Teaches Teamwork and Confidence

Stage Illusion Performance at Magic Summer Camp
All campers in the magic summer camp program will learn how to perform tricks and learn how to “work a room”!

The tricks and illusions campers will learn while participating in this magic summer camp program will allow them to show off for their parents and impress their friends for years to come.   Camp Pillsbury supplies everything needed to enjoy learning in their magic summer camp program.   All that is needed is for you to bring your curiosity, enthusiasm for magic and be ready to enjoy your SUMMER OF A LIFETIME.

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