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Role Playing Games Summer Camp Program

Our Role Playing Games Summer Camp Program is for those campers who love to create their own story. At Camp Pillsbury’s Role Playing Games summer camp program, prepare to embark on a journey where your creativity and imagination can create an unforgettable adventure this summer. If you enjoy playing Role Playing Games, you can help create a story filled with challenges and choices while making new friends with others.

Role Playing Games Summer Camp Where You Choose Your Adventure

Role Playing Games Summer Camp Program Guide BooksAt our distinguished summer camp in Minnesota, you choose the game and then create your own character.  Do you want to be your favorite super hero with special powers?  Maybe, you would rather be a popular Star Wars character living on the fringes of the galaxy and society?  How about being a demigod that must battle in a cosmic war until you become a god in your own right?  Does battling Zombies in a post-apocalyptic world, long after the fall of civilization to a worldwide zombie epidemic sound like fun?  Perhaps your prefer fantasy in the familiar terms and concepts of D&D playing?  Whatever your preference, you will have fun creating your own adventure while making new friends.

Create Your Own Costume and Participate in Camp Pillsbury’s Live Action Role Playing Activities

Roll Playing Games Summer Camp Program -Zombie Evening ActivityOnce you have chosen your role playing game adventure, your game master will decide on the rules and setting.  This story is not tied to the table top either.  Create your own costume and engage in combat with your friends in our live action role playing activities.  Guided by a Counselor Game Master who is happy to help you learn and successfully play an adventure game that is guided by your imagination and creativity.

Role playing games summer camp program can make your adventure at Camp Pillsbury the SUMMER OF A LIFETIME for you!

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