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Tech – Multimedia – Digital Summer Camp

Tech – Multimedia – Digital Summer Camp Program

Do you enjoy spending your time creating things on a computer?  Do you dream of making movies and videos or creating games?  If you love all things cyber then the Tech – Multimedia – Digital Summer Camp Program at Camp Pillsbury is for you!  This Minnesota summer camp offers kids the opportunity to learn a range of technical and creative skills that will come in handy at home as well provide an advantage in school.  Camp Pillsbury’s Tech – Multimedia – Digital Summer Camp Program offers campers a chance to learn, develop and perfect their skills in the following areas:

Editing Stop Motion Movies Game Design
Producing Videography Web Design
Movie Making Digital Photography Music Production
Video Postcards Computer Programming Robotics

Hands on Learning in a Well Equipped Lab

Camp Pillsbury has counselors that teach from professional experience in a well-equipped lab.  Each camper receives a personal learning experience gauged to their level of knowledge and skill sets.  It does not matter what experience campers have when they arrive at camp, they will learn new things and skills while here.  Our Tech – Multimedia – Digital Summer Camp Program is not a summer school but a place where learning, making friends, and fun are combined while the campers’ self-esteem is always of utmost importance.

A Well-Rounded Summer Camp Experience

At Camp Pillsbury, we offer a wide array of activities for campers to experience.  Because of this, we are able to offer a balanced and complete summer camp compared to exclusive tech camps.  Campers get to blend technology learning with other fun summer camp activities to create a diverse and well-rounded summer camp experience.  Our elective summer camp allows campers to choose what they participate in.  This allows campers to become part of our diverse summer camp community while learning new multimedia and technical skills.

Unique and Long Term Friendships are Formed in Our Tech – Multimedia – Digital Summer Camp Program

As campers improve and learn new multimedia and technical skills, they form special friendships with the other campers that share their love of everything cyber.  Campers get to meet and make friends with others that love multimedia and technology from all over the country and world.  Camp Pillsbury provides an environment where diversity and encouragement are cultivated to allow campers to form once in a lifetime friendships that give valuable insights.  Campers form long-lasting friendships from living, dining and learning new things together in our camp’s unique and nurturing environment.

Always Something Fun Going on at Camp Pillsbury

When campers are not working on their Tech – Multimedia – Digital Summer Camp Program projects, there is plenty of other fun activities for them to enjoy.  There is always something fun and exciting going on at Camp Pillsbury.  Whether campers are enjoying a visit to local events, an Adventure Day trip to the Twin Cities, or roasting marshmallows around the campfire, they are always engaged and having a good time.  Contact us today to get start on enrollment for your SUMMER OF A LIFETIME.

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