Fun Summer Camp Photos and Videos

Fun Summer Camp Photos 

Check out some awesome pictures of our campers at Camp Pillsbury in the following links:


Fun Summer Camp Videos

Check out what the summer campers at Camp Pillsbury have been up to with our growing collection of fun summer camp videos from right here in Owatonna, Minnesota.

2019 Session 5

2019 Session 5 campers wrapping up the summer with amazing friends and fun.

2019 Session 4

2019 Session 4 Campers having the best time.

2019 Session 3 - Video 2

So much to do, so many laughs.

2019 Session 3 - Video 1

2019 Session 3 Campers doing so many different activities and having so much fun.

2019 Session 2 - Video 2

2019 Session 2 Campers running around and making friends.

2019 Session 2 Video 1

2019 Session 2 campers and counselors having so much fun.

2019 Session 1 Video 2

2019 Session 2 Campers enjoying all that camp has to offer.

2019 Session 1 Video 1

2019 Session 1 campers loving every minute of camp.


2019 First Day of Camp.  Let the fun begin!

2019 Camp Counselors

Meet our amazing 2019 summer camp counselors.

2018 Rock Band Practice

Campers rocking out at practice and enjoying fun summer camp experiences.

2018 Week 8

2018 Week 8 holds more laughter and fun for our campers.

2018 Week 6

2018 Week 6 fun in the sun and on campus.

2018 Week 5

2018 Week 5 Campers at Camp Pillsbury making friends and learning new skills.

2018 Session 3 First Day

First day of Session 3 2018

2018 Week 4

Here we go Week 4 of 2018!

2018 Week 3

Third Week of Camp and our campers and counselors are having a blast.

2018 Week 2

2018 Week 2 Campers having so much fun.

2018 Week 1

2018 Week 1 Starting out the summer right.

2017 Session 5 Campers

2017 Session 5 Campers having a blast.

2017 Week 8

Campers and Counselor fun during week 8 at Camp Pillsbury

2017 Waterfront Fun

A great day on the water.

2017 Week 7

Week 7 of the 2017 camp season brings lots of smiles and laughter.

2017 Week 6

2017 Week 6 campers loving every minute of camp.

2017 Week 5

Session 3 campers and counselors.

2017 Week 4

Week 4 of 2017.  So much going on.  

Camp Pillsbury Third Week 2017

Campers having  a great time 3rd week of camp 2017.

Week One of 2017 Summer Camp Fun

The summer of a lifetime 2017 starts with plenty of fun times for everyone.

Camp Pillsbury 2017 Counselor Video

Our 2017 fun summer camp counselors prepare for a summer of a lifetime.

2016 Week 7

Camp Pillsbury 7th week campers having a blast.

Parker's Static Trapeze Act

Camp Pillsbury camper Parker showing off his static trapeze skills.

Life's What You Make It

“Life’s What You Make It” and at Camp Pillsbury, that is summer fun.

2016 Waterfront Fun

Great times at summer camp on the water.

2016 Week 6

Campers having a great time during the sixth week of summer camp at Camp Pillsbury.

2016 Week 5 Camp Pillsbury

Campers continue to have a great week of fun and learning at Camp Pillsbury week 5.

2016 Week 4

Campers continue to have a great fourth week of fun and gaining new skills at Camp Pillsbury.

2016 Week 3

2016 Third Week Campers

2016 Performance Day Montage

Tons of fun at Camp Pillsbury shown in this video.

Double Lyra

There is no limit to what you can do at Camp Pillsbury.  Dont miss this spectacular double lyra routine.

Drumming at Camp Pillsbury

Campers can learn so many things in one session at Camp Pillsbury.

Camp Counselor Video 2016

Meet the Camp Pillsbury Counselors for the summer of 2016. Getting ready for another year of fun summer camp with the kids.

Summer Fun at Camp

Check out the fun times experienced by campers at Camp Pillsbury.  Campers are always Learning something new while having a great time.

Why Camp Pillsbury?

Hear from parents, campers and staff on why Camp Pillsbury is the premier summer camp for kids to experience the SUMMER OF A LIFETIME!

Find Your Fun

With over a 100 activities to choose from, there is something for everyone at Camp Pillsbury!


A camper shows off her new skills on the silks during a session showcase at Camp Pillsbury… the fun summer camp!

Circus Arts

Campers show off some of the lessons they learned in circus arts during a session showcase.

2015 Counselor Video

2015 Summer Camp Counselors having a great time.

Music Video Production

Music Video Production is one of our many fun activities at Camp Pillsbury.

Magic with Parker

Magic is so fun at Camp Pillsbury!

Double Lyra Fun

No matter what age you are, you can do amazing things.

Amazing Ballet Routine

Ballet routine performed by some amazing campers.

Musical Theater - Born This Way

2014 Campers being their best and having fun in Musical Theater.

2014 Camp Counselor Video

Get to know Camp Pillsbury’s 2014 Camp Counselors.

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