Daily Life at Camp Pillsbury

Campus Living Space

Campers live in spacious modern dorm rooms with ample storage areas for belongings, plenty of electrical outlets, and a large comfortable common area. Each dorm has well-ventilated, clean interior bathroom facilities.


Healthy, great tasting, hot and cold food choices are offered at every meal. Plenty of vegetable choices, a salad bar with fresh seasonal fruits, and healthy protein options are always available for lunch and dinner. All food is prepared on-site to maintain high nutritional content. Picky eaters and most dietary needs can be catered for.

Daily Schedule

Hour Activity
8:30 A.M
Wake Up
9:00 A.M
9:30 A.M
First Major
10:45 A.M
Second Major
12:00 P.M
Third Major
1:00 P.M
2:00 P.M
First Minor
3:15 P.M
Second Minor
4:30 P.M
Third Minor
6:00 P.M
6:30 P.M
Rest Hour
7:30 P.M
Evening Activity
8:30 P.M
9:30 P.M - 11:00 PM
Curfew – time depends on age of camper