Camp Pillsbury

Experience Your Dream Summer at Camp Pillsbury!


Camp PillsburyCamp Pillsbury offers multiple session options for day and sleep-away summer camp beginning June 9th to August 18th with an extraordinary variety of activities, opportunities and adventures that culminates in our end-of-sessions showcases, exhibits, presentations and visiting day for parents.

Camp Pillsbury is a summer camp in Minnesota, located 45 minutes south of Minneapolis, in the town of Owatonna. Campers receive an individualized program with traditional and “not so traditional” summer camp activities for boys and girls ages 6-17.

The Camp is set on the campus of Pillsbury College Prep and Camp, our year-round camp/boarding school for students from 6th through 12th grade. This is specifically for those campers who love Camp Pillsbury and other camps so much they want to stay year round.

Our staff is a combination of experienced professionals and college students that have been hand selected for their particular expertise. All staff maintain a safe and nurturing environment while at the same time provide the best available training, coaching and directing, to support each camper.

So Much To Do and Learn While Having Fun

The programs and classes we offer put an emphasis on activities that today’s kids enjoy. Camp Pillsbury offers a wide variety including the following summer camp programs:

  • Music Summer Camp Program – Hone your vocal skills or learn to play an  instrument taught by Camp Pillsbury’s wonderful instructors!
  • Dance Summer Camp Program – Get fit with Zumba or enhance your ballet, hip-hop, tap, jazz and contemporary dance skills.
  • Equestrian Summer Camp Program – Learn to ride a horse like a champion and learn how to properly care for a horse and its home.
  • Tech – Multimedia – Digital Summer Camp – Get savvy with computers! From creating a stop motion film to creating graphics with graphic design, you will never be bored!
  • Theater Summer Camp Program – Hop on stage and be the star of a Broadway style production or be behind the scenes making sure everything goes smoothly!
  • Extreme Sports Summer Camp Program – Participate in extreme sports like skateboarding and rock climbing. See you on the half-pipe!
  • Circus Summer Camp Program – You can become the master of the trapeze with this program.
  • Pop and Rock Band Summer Camp Program – Become a rock star! Perform your own rock concert with heavy guitar and loud drums!
  • Role Playing Games Summer Camp Program – Imagination is key to taking a journey to a magical world here. Gather your team and head to the realm for some live action role-playing. Hold your own convention even make your own costume!
  • Visual and Fine Arts Summer Camp Program – Let those creativity juices flow! Become the next Van Gogh and take your paintings to the next level or sculpt the next statue of David with tree branches!
  • Water Sports Summer Camp Program – Get a little wet while learning to water ski or take it easy and check out the free swim.
  • Sports Summer Camp Program – Be a team player with sports like Basketball and Soccer!
  • Cheerleading and Gymnastic Summer Camp Program – Learn to do a back bend like a pro and cheer for your favorite team!
  • Visual and Fine Arts Summer Camp Program – Let your artistic side shine while making cool projects.
  • Magic Summer Camp Program – Impress your friends and family by learning the secret of magic tricks and how to perform them.
  • Culinary Arts Summer Camp Program – Learn to make tempting dishes from around the world while about learning safety and nutrition.
  • Fashion Design Summer Camp Program – Are you a Fashionista who loves to create looks and outfits?  Then this is the program for you.

Our fully elective program allows campers to select all of their favorite activities and to also try new ones within our established daily schedule. Campers have the opportunity to develop existing skills and explore new interests. Every program and activity is open to all age groups and all skill levels where we meet each campers individual needs and respect their individuality.

Our day is comprised of six one-hour periods: three Majors and three Minors. Majors are taken at the same time each day with the same staff and campers and are activities that each camper has chosen to learn more about, get better at, and be in the end-of-session showcase or exhibit. Campers choose three Minors each day that they can try once, or repeat as often as they like. This allows campers plenty of opportunity to try new activities they have experienced before.

Campers thrive, building on existing interests and developing new ones. They flourish and excel in the areas they become passionate about and, their self-confidence soars. They become better singers, dancers, actors, athletes, artists, musicians and even students. We guarantee they will love camp so much they’ll ask to stay all year – and they can. Just ask, we will accommodate you!