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Why You Should Send a Child to Summer Youth Camp

If you are considering sending your child to overnight summer youth camp but not sure how they will do on their own, there are a lot of benefits to a child going to summer camp.  These benefits range from physical and emotional.  Kids of all backgrounds and all ages can gain achievements from being away from home for a few weeks in a fun summer camp experience.   Here are five reasons you should send your child to a sleep away summer camp.

They Make New Friends

Summer youth camp is all about making new friends.  Campers come from all different areas and backgrounds.  Campers make friends that can last a lifetime.  Summer Camp Programs build a sense of togetherness and our facilities at Camp Pillsbury give a dorm atmosphere which leads to great sense of comradery.  Your child will make friendships that they will keep for many years or for the rest of their lives.  With today’s social media, friends that are made at camp can stay in touch no matter how far away they live from each other. 

Strengthens Their Social Skills

While making new friends from all over the country and world, kids learn how to get along with others.  Living together in a dorm for a few weeks teaches them to make good choices for the dorm and to consider others feelings.   They have to work as a team to get things completed and how to deal with campers that are different then they are.

They Gain Independence

When a camper is at camp, it gives them a chance to practice decision making skills which helps them gain independence.  Camp provides a secure environment for kids but it also boosts independence by allowing them to choose some of their activities.  Circus summer camp Program is an example of a safe decision-making or risk-taking choice.  Summer youth camp will help campers become more confident in their ability to make choices while gaining independence.

Keeps Them Active

Did you know that it’s recommended that children get at least one hour of physical activity daily?  Camp is a fun way to meet or exceed those minimum requirements.  They often are having so much fun that they do not realize how much exercise they are getting.  Activities can include swimming, hiking, dancing, extreme sports, sports, walking and many more activities.  Camp Counselors will keep your child moving with many different activities during each day at camp.  So if you are having trouble getting your kid off the couch, send him to camp and they will have a fun time without realizing all the exercise they are actually getting while doing fun activities.

Disconnects Them from Technology

Many children spend too much time in front of a screen.  A typical child gets way over the recommended daily screen time of 1 to 2 hours.  Most camps have restrictions on how much time campers have access to electronics and Camp Pillsbury only allows campers to have access to cell phones and electronics during certain times to ensure campers are not on them all the time.  They are allowed to call parents and keep in touch with family members only during certain times.

Send Your Kids to Camp Pillsbury for a Summer They Will Never Forget

All the above benefits mentioned will happen for a child that is sent to Camp Pillsbury in Owatonna, Minnesota and much more.  We have campers that return each year and look forward to it year round.  If you are considering to send your child to a Minnesota Summer Camp, then why not send them to the coolest summer camp in Minnesota? That’s right, Camp Pillsbury and we are not the only ones to thinks so.   Take the time to register today for your child to have a summer full of memories they will never forget!

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