Camp Pillsbury Owner Vonda White Featured by Inc.

Inc. magazine has been a premier print publication for business owners and entrepreneurs for over 30 years.  In 1996, they launched to offer inspiration, ideas, and practical advice for business owners. recently posted an article about Camp Pillsbury owner Vonda White titled “How This Woman Entrepreneur Bought Her Own College.”  The article highlights the difficulty of being an entrepreneur during these trying times and how it’s even harder for women.

Camp Pillsbury Owner Vonda White Featured by Inc.
Camp Pillsbury Owner Vonda White Featured by Inc.

The article goes on to say that despite these difficulties, many women are starting their own businesses today.  They also name Vonda White as an empowering woman who has been hard at work for the last several decades to establish herself as a successful entrepreneur and a role model to woman just starting out in business.

After giving a brief history of her start and early success in business, the article goes on to tell how her dream and vision for a summer camp was born.  The article also tells of the overwhelming obstacles that Vonda White had to face and overcome to make this dream a reality.   Her ability to overcome these obstacles is evident in the fact that Camp Pillsbury is no longer a dream but a beautiful and impacting summer camp in Minnesota today.

Vonda White is especially proud that she was not only able to obtain the financing for Camp Pillsbury but also that the bank that provided it required no money down and interest only for the first two years.  She felt really good about this because this allowed her to do many of the repairs and updates needed on the campus including the recent remodeling of Jeft’s Hall.

Everyone at Camp Pillsbury is very happy that Vonda White was able to break through so many barriers to make this the summer camp it is today.  We are very appreciative of not only for praising the entrepreneurship of our owner but for talking about our historical campus and summer camp.  Although a wonderful article, we would like to point out that there was one small error.  The Camp Pillsbury ribbon cutting ceremony mentioned in the article was held on June 17th, 2014 and not in January.

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