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Camp Pillsbury Owner, Vonda White, Clarifies What 2017 Means for Women Business Owners in Forbes Entrepreneur Article.

Camp Pillsbury owner Vonda White was recently consulted to clarify data for a November 14th, 2016 Forbes Entrepreneur article, “4 Reasons To Watch Women-Owned Startups In 2017” written by contributor Brent Gleeson.  The article focuses on the growth of women business owners which has risen 54% in the last 15 years and what that means in the upcoming year.

Vonda White is not only the owner of Camp Pillsbury and Pillsbury Prep but also a serial entrepreneur, author and advocate for women business owners.  She was the perfect choice to give insight into the rise in women-owned businesses since she has been a successful woman entrepreneur since 1996.  White added clarity to what the following information means to women business owners now and in the future.

  • According to US Census data, the number of women in the labor for is almost equal to men.
  • The funding gap is beginning to close.
  • More companies are offering longer parental leave and flexible vacation time.
  • The number of women-owned startups is increasing rapidly.

White used her experiences starting Collegiate Risk Management as the founder and CEO and getting funding to buy a college campus to create her dream Minnesota summer camp and boarding school for kids at Camp Pillsbury and Pillsbury Academy.  It was not easy for White to secure the funding but her persistence paid off with a place for kids to have a wonderful place to live and learn year round and have phenomenal summer camp experiences.  White explains as the number of women business owners rises, it empowers other women …“to take the steps needed to bring new ventures to the marketplace that benefit everyone.”

Students and campers alike are very glad that White held on to her dream and kept going to find the funding needed to create Pillsbury Academy and Camp Pillsbury.  With both thriving in the third year, there have already been many children that have benefited from the experiences and friendships formed at Pillsbury Academy and campers have experienced THE SUMMER OF A LIFETIME at Camp Pillsbury.

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