Camp Pillsbury's Campus

Camp Pillsbury is pleased to announce that their summer camp in Owatonna and owner, Vonda White have both been featured this month in the prestigious Minnesota Parent Magazine. This is a free magazine available at newsstands state-wide and available online.  It is the Twin Cities leading parenting magazine is loaded with helpful local resources and fun activities taking place in Minnesota.

 Summer Camp in Owatonna “Mix and Match” by Minnesota Parent Magazine

On March 11, 2016, they published an article called “Mix and Match” that is all about how Camp Pillsbury stands out from other summer camps in Minnesota and offers more than 100 elective summer camp activities. The article gives a brief history of the campus which was formerly Pillsbury Baptist Bible College and gives campers the feeling of staying at a college dorm rather than traditional rustic accommodations.

Minnesota Parent Magazine also explains about the many elective major and minor programs available, which allow campers to have freedom of choice while creating their ideal summer camp experience.  Field trips to the Twin Cities and other local events are also highlighted. They also explain how Camp Pillsbury has an international appeal with counselors from around the world while delivering a quintessential American small town ambiance.  International campers and local campers get to learn about new cultures while creating friendships that will last a lifetime.

“Why a Camp on a College Campus?”

On March 14, 2016, they published “Why a camp on a college campus?” which tells of owner, Vonda White’s, journey to acquiring a summer camp that would broaden children’s horizons and teach them new activities while instilling confidence. An according to parents whose children have attended Camp Pillsbury, White has been successful at her dream. While the road to achieving this has not been easy, White’s entrepreneurial spirit has kept her on track, and she continues to update and revamp the campus facilities.

Camp Pillsbury is honored to have such a prestigious magazine write about their summer camp in Owatonna and its owner, Vonda White.  We appreciate the praise for the camp and the “can do” spirit of White that has made this camp what it is today.  We are humbled that they would give such high praise for our summer camp in Owatonna and appreciation for the hard work of Vonda White in making children’s and parent’s dream summer camp a reality.

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