Children doing acrobatics while swinging on a trapeze

Camp Pillsbury Highlighted as a Camp that Elevates Self-Confidence by Owatonna People’s Press

Recently Owatonna People’s Press reporter Annie Granlund visited a Performance Day at Camp Pillsbury and was impressed by what she saw and learned while there. She wrote an article about it called, Reach new heights: Camp Pillsbury elevates self-confidence, in the Owatonna People’s Press. Granlund was inspired by campers showing off their ability to master programs including tap dancing, rock band performances and trapeze stunts in just two short weeks. Not only was she excited to see the performances while cheering them on with the crowd but she was also realized that campers were reaching new heights while elevating their self-confidence.
Since 2014, campers from all over the world have been spending summers at Camp Pillsbury, a summer camp in Minnesota and they all leave with one thing in common; a self-confidence they did not know they had when they arrived. No matter where they hail from; Egypt, China, Turkey, France, or Mexico, they all are proud to show off their new found self-confidence during performance day and the results are impressive.
This is exactly what founder and executive director Vonda White had in mind when she started the summer camp. Since day one, White’s mission for Camp Pillsbury has been to ensure that campers have the opportunity to grow and become the best person they can be. It is with this vision and programs led by talented professionals in their industries, that White has set out to make Camp Pillsbury the premier preforming arts and circus arts summer camp in America.
The summer of 2018 turned out to be a record-breaking year, with up to 20 additional campers for each session compared to the prior year. Although White is proud in the number of new campers coming to the camp, it is the campers who return, year after year, that really touch her heart. Many of the campers work the whole year to help save to come to camp. White explains, “It gets, it their blood and helps them to be their best selves.”
Campers and parents are both very glad that White is so dedicated to helping them to pushing themselves and having this new found confidence. They spend all year looking forward to learning new things and making new friends during their SUMMER OF A LIFETIME at Camp Pillsbury.
To find more about how White plans to look to the future so Camp Pillsbury can bring out a new self-confidence to the greatest number of kids read the full article below.

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