Children arround a campfire

Camp Pillsbury is very proud to be named the coolest summer camp in Minnesota by The Philadelphia Inquirer and  Both are part of the Philadelphia Media Network.  The Inquirer is the newspaper of record for the Delaware Valley and has the eighteenth largest average weekday newspaper circulation in the U.S. and has won several Pulitzer Prizes.

So we are very happy to have been selected by such a prestigious media network as the coolest summer camp in Minnesota in their article “The Coolest Summer Camp in Every State.”   They state that many of our programs are unique including our fashion design, culinary arts, circus arts and rock music.

Since Camp Pillsbury has opened, we strive to give campers a variety of activities to take part in while staying at our day and sleep away camp.  We have plenty of activities to make sure each camper is always learning and having fun.  In addition to our wide variety of summer camp programs, we also have night time activities, regular adventure days & local events that our campers can enjoy.  From trips to the Twin Cities to performing at the Steel County Fair each summer, there is always something fun and exciting going on at Camp Pillsbury.

The article by Terence Loose, states that Camp Pillsbury “is not your everyday summer camp,” and we agree!  Our spacious and clean facilities give the appeal of dorm living by supplying newly remodeled rooms with comfortable twin beds with plenty of room for personal items and clothing.  Each dorm hallway has its own bathroom with hot and cold water, nine toilets, twelve sinks, and nine showers.  Our campers can enjoy the fun and excitement of an elective summer camp program while enjoying all the comforts of dorm style living.

We have always thought Camp Pillsbury is  the coolest summer camp in the world but are proud to be named by The Philadelphia Inquirer and the coolest summer camp in Minnesota!  So contact us today if you are interested in the SUMMER OF A LIFETIME no matter where you are from.  Click the button below to see read the article.  We are listed as number 26, The Coolest Summer Camp in Minnesota!

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