Vonda White Featured as a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

Vonda White, Owner of Camp Pillsbury, is Featured as an Example of a Successful Woman Entrepreneur by Small Business Trends.

Vonda White Featured as a Successful Woman Entrepreneur
Vonda White

Recently, Camp Pillsbury Owner, Vonda White, was featured by Small Business Trends as an example of a successful woman entrepreneur.   An award-winning online publication for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and the people who interact with them, Small Business Trends was founded in 2003.  Since then, it has become one of the most popular independent small business publications on the internet.  It provides small businesses with the advice, news, and resources they need for success.

The October 17th, 2016 article by Jeff Charles is titled “The Truth About Women-Owned Businesses.”  The article reviews obstacles to women in business, gives examples of successful woman entrepreneurs including White, and describes a growing trend of success and revenue.

The article covers the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and advises it is not easy.  Although women in business is on the rise, they receive less capital for their ventures.  White gives the following advice to women thinking of starting their own business, “You just have to keep working through, around and over the problems.  Once you do that you can overcome and succeed.”  White also talks of her book, “Success Against the Odds,” based on the achievements of another successful woman entrepreneur, Mrs. Debbie Fields.

In the article, White describes the challenges she faced while building her dream to provide a top rated summer camp experience for kids.  To fulfill her dream, she would need to purchase a college campus which is not an easy task but because of her determination she was successful.

Because of White’s persistence and willing to take on challenges she now owns Camp Pillsbury, one of America’s premier summer camps for kids and Pillsbury Prep, a boarding school for students from around the world.   We are happy that Vonda White’s dream came to fruition because now children have a fun and exciting place to develop.  All campers that spend time at Camp Pillsbury are sure to enjoy the SUMMER OF A LIFETIME because of her example of a successful woman entrepreneur.

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